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America , under attack from both land and sea…

Excellent Outdoor Survival Video…

one of the best shelter building, fire starting back country videos, I’ve seen.


Crony Capitalism: Newt’s Think Tank Took $37 Million From Health Care Industry | A Time For Choosing

Crony Capitalism: Newt’s Think Tank Took $37 Million From Health Care Industry | A Time For Choosing.

By Gary P Jackson

At least now we know why this jackass has been pushing the individual MANDATE so hard!

Newt has advocated forcing Americans to either purchase insurance, or maintain a cash bond, for a long time. In a video from May of this year, which I wrote about earlier, Newt compares forcing Americans to have health insurance to requiring drivers to have automobile insurance. A bogus talking point straight out of the far left’s hymnal.

Now mind you, Gingrich always says he’s not for “government run health care” and he knows by saying this, many voters will hear that, and become convinced that he’s one of us.

In all fairness, Newt is indeed not a supporter of the Full Monty, all out single payer, government run socialized system, but he is absolutely for the one part of it that is unconstitutional: Forcing people to buy insurance.

As intelligent people know, if the government can force you to buy a product, simply because you exist, they can force you to do anything. This is the entire argument against ObamaCare, and yet Newt is all for it.

read more here : http://thespeechatimeforchoosing.wordpress.com/2011/11/19/crony-capitalism-newts-think-tank-took-37-million-from-health-care-industry/

Soros army launches Wall Street assault of its own

Proof! Occupy Wall Street no ‘spontaneous movement’

MoveOn.org is planning to launch a protest movement of its own to compliment the Occupy Wall Street momentum with the stated goal of “make[ing] Wall Street pay” and rebuilding the entire U.S. financial system.

MoveOn.org is funded by the George Soros-funded Tides Foundation. Another grantee of Tides is the Adbusters magazine, which is reported to have come up with the Occupy Wall Street idea after Arab Spring protests toppled governments in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

The new MoveOn.org Wall Street campaign serves as further evidence suggesting the anti-Wall Street movement is a well-planned campaign and not the spontaneous uprising its leaders claim.

via Soros army launches Wall Street assault of its own.

Sarah Palin Defending The Republic Event St Charles | A Time For Choosing

Floating some ideas for the flotilla folk | Jerusalem Post – Blogs


Floating some ideas for the flotilla folk | Jerusalem Post – Blogs.

A very great read. If the floatilla and flytilla humans have great intentions, why not follow these suggestions. That’s because it’s not about helping people in distress. It’s about overwhelming Israel and trying to force The Jewish Nation into defending herself, in-turn looking bad in the eyes of the asses at the UN and other useful idiots.



What is GBTV? – Glenn Beck

What is GBTV? – Glenn Beck.





Check it out and get educated..

Broken Bible Belt: Homes in Ruins From Tornadoes Denied Aid by FEMA for ‘Insufficient Damage’ | The Blaze

Broken Bible Belt: Homes in Ruins From Tornadoes Denied Aid by FEMA for ‘Insufficient Damage’ | The Blaze.


Didn’t Obama say, “We will be here with you: ? How about that ! Get out of the way FEMA and let the good citizens of America help them..

All Americans, it’s our responsibility to help each other, as much as each one of us can.

GBTV…..live it, learn from it and STAND !

Marine Honors Military at Rolling Thunder


Marine Honors Military at Rolling Thunder: MyFoxDFW.com

Tisha Thompson

In a city dedicated to monumental sacrifices, there’s one that stands strong and never surrenders.

“It just gives me chills,” says Jennifer Phillips of Virginia Beach. “I can’t believe he’s out there.”

Retired Marine Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers has stood at this post since 2002.

“It’s an extremely long time to hold a salute that long,” says Air Force Master Sergeant Russ Ware of Columbia, MD. “Takes a lot determination and a lot of discipline. This guy does it every year.”

With a stiff spine and straight shoulders, this lone marine stands at attention as the Rolling Thunder rumbles by…for more than three hours.

“They zoom by me and I’m getting an eyeball at them,” says Chambers. “I’m trying to give every one of them that ‘Welcome home’ they didn’t get.”

Chamber says it started as a spontaneous ‘Thank you’ nine years ago but has now become his moral obligation.

Retired Marine Major Larry Carmon was one of thousands who came to watch Chambers. “I did 28 years in the Corps,” Carmon says. “I was a drill instructor. I’m totally impressed with this young man. Totally impressed.”

Carmon says holding a salute this long is nearly impossible for a healthy Marine. It’s unthinkable for a wounded warrior.

“He has a broken wrist? God Bless him.”

Only the slightest of a tremble gave Chambers away. A broken wrist that should have been in a cast was instead held high in a salute.

“I knew something was wrong!” Ware says. “He started to waver a little bit today. That’s dedication! That’s service before self.”

Thanks to Our Soldiers, Men and Women and their families..